Try Before You Buy

It is the philosophy at GolfZilla that only by hitting a golf club at a course or range can a golfer truly know how it feels and plays.

No club fitter, instructor or salesperson can honestly tell a customer with any certainty whether he or she will like the feel of a particular club or that he or she will hit it well. The feel of a golf club is unique to the person swinging it.

Hitting balls into a net doesn’t provide much feedback about the feel of a club, nor does it help a player to see how the club actually performs for him or her under normal playing conditions. That is the reason that GolfZilla developed its Demo Program.

GolfZilla’s Demo Program allows customers to take clubs for a “test drive” at their favorite course or driving range. Our customers experience the feel of a golf club and know how it performs for them before they make their purchase. That saves them a lot of frustration….and money spent on clubs they don’t like.


The DEMO PROGRAM runs on an annual basis from January 1st thru mid-August of each year.

All woods, irons and wedges that we sell are available in the Demo Program. Our iron demos are full sets, not just individual irons.

Clubs can be taken out of our store for two days at a time.

The fee to join the Demo Program is $50.00.

A FULL REFUND of the fee paid to join the Demo Program is given to any member of the Demo Program who purchases clubs (woods, irons, wedges or putters) on or prior to December 31st of the Demo Program year.

Club fitting is provided for FREE upon the purchase of clubs. Click on the CLUB FITTING button at the top of this page for more information on club fitting by GolfZilla.

Other administrative rules apply. Contact our store for more details.
We regret that demo clubs cannot be shipped to our customers.
Demo clubs must be checked out at our store by the member of the Demo Program.

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